The KOTT-SMART® product line makes sanitary and building engineering products not just safe, but also intelligent. We integrate sensors and actuators into water bearing systems with the two-fold objective of saving energy though consumption control and preventing damages thanks to proactive monitoring.

In combination with other applications of the Internet of Things (IoT), Kottmann’s  KOTT-SMART® products provide a wide variety of new use cases in Smart Home applications, such as proactive Legionella prevention, optimization of water treatment process and circulation, etc.

Intelligent KOTT-SMART® modules (sensors and actuators) can be combined with existing Smart Home platforms, such as KNX / KNX-RF, ZigBee, Z-Wave and enOcean or Bluetooth LE.

Kottmann Technology is the world’s first company to enable water for the Internet. By this we counter global challenges, such as water and energy shortage. In addition we satisfy the user’s security needs as well as the need for transparency (consumption control).

The idea for the new KOTT-SMART® product range arose when we tried to address the problem of “increasing shortage of resources” in combination with “security” in the framework of our product portfolio. Now we are proud to present a Kottmann-specific solutions to solve these problems. Water heating is the second largest energy consumer in private homes, following heating energy. Furthermore, most damages in houses and apartments are caused by water including primary damage (increased water consumption), but particularly secondary damage (damage to walls, floors and furnishing, etc.).

Our new KOTT-SMART® product line combines conventional water-bearing parts with sensors and actuators as well as the appropriate electronic equipment for intelligent water and control technology. Actuators are elements, which actively intervene in the control system (such as valves), and sensors are transducers that monitor specific variables, such as pressure and heat.  All KOTT-SMART elements are powered by a turbine, that produces the necessary electrical power from water pressure. If required, electricity can be stored in an integrated accumulator. Therefore, KOTT-SMART® products are free of conventional batteries.

Together with the appropriate software, these intelligent products automatically adjust to the user’s behavior and provide excellent self-monitoring options. Thanks to a broad range of integrated sensors and actuators, KOTT-SMART® technology is in the position to autonomously solve even the most challenging tasks.