KOTT-GREEN® is a hose type whose complete production process – including the pre-production value chain – is continually optimized with regards to environmental requirements. The KOTT-GREEN® ecobalance was certified in a April 2013 TÜV Rheinland eco-audit.

It is optimization for resource conservation that distinguishes KOTT-GREEN ® from other products: Taking a holistic view of the product, continuous measurement ensures that all ecologically relevant data are gathered on the KOTT-GREEN® production process: From material selection to manufacturing to packaging, transportation, use and recycling. This creates the transparency needed to deduct optimization measures for further, effi cient reduction of resource consumption and thus reduction of emissions.

UNISAN discloses consumption and emission figures not as a one-off event, but through regular audits. Continually improving the KOTT-GREEN® ecobalance will create a sustainable, environmentally friendly product.