Lightweight and highly flexible reinforced big bore and heating hoses

Low weight and high flexibility make KOTT-GLIDE XXL® an obvious choice and ideal solution for even the most complicated installation situations.

Commercial Grade connecting hoses for heating systems or large capacity applications/installations have two weaknesses: High weight and rigid profile. This causes major issues for the installations in the context of systems that rely on hose connections of this size, such as pumps, fluid distribution system installations and supply lines.
UNISAN overcame these typical difficulties with its newly developed KOTT-GLIDE XXL®. The key feature is the patented KOTT-GLIDE® pressing technology inner liner which has distinctive advantages of being an extremely light, flexible and kink-resistant material. KOTT-GLIDE ® technology has been successfully in use for several years in smaller diameter hoses, and thanks to its well-proven track record, UNISAN was able to develop the KOTT-GLIDE XXL ® with even larger nominal diameters, to offer a simple, convenient and time-saving installation even in confined installation space.
Moreover, the high kink resistance of the KOTT-GLIDE ® technology provides the advantages of dimensional stability at constant high flow rates, and ensures the longevity of the product.