Following the principle, that in the modern knowledge-based society the optimum know-how protection plays a key role for the long lasting success of the enterprise, UNISAN arranged for the protection of its new technological inventions by patents

Kottmann’s leading products are characterized by patented technologies. We are constantly striving to optimize our technical solutions and to develop – together with our customers – systems, which exactly meet individual and technically challenging requirements. The refined ideas and technologies our engineers have been developing during the recent years are protected by numerous patents. A continued innovation management and the challenge to create new solutions require us taking care by protecting new developments in our own, but above all, in the interest of our clients. Only thereby we can ensure the quality our clients are accustomed to and our development competence behind the quality products we deliver. In the present as well as in the future and in close collaboration with our customers, we continuously keep on pushing forward and improving the development of such products. We are continually improving and advancing developments, which exceed our current innovations in respect to technical refinements in order to provide new opportunities for our customers and which will be transformed into a strategically improved competitive edge. This is a process, in which we will also in future continue protecting our Know How by patents. After all, in times of strong competition especially patents and the outstanding quality of unique system solutions form the basis for a market specific and worldwide quality leadership. It is this quality leadership, which represents the company UNISAN Schlauchsysteme GmbH in its value proposition "German Quality", becoming true in daily business and being ensured by its patents.