Certifications / ISO 9001

As a matter of fact, quality is a major crucial factor on a highly competitive and crowded market. Ensuring a high level in quality of life and customer satisfaction by means of a strategic quality management, which is also perceived as such by the customer, is the prerequisite for a successful product marketing. Due to this reason, already in 1984, UNISAN decided to start the introduction of the product management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. This certification most quickly showed the desired level of efficiency. Initially, the main advantage was the improved competitiveness in national and international markets. Clear processes, furthermore a consistent minimization of errors and their early recognition led all to an increased productivity and profitability. The system was accepted without reservations by all staff and is currently lived day by day with the effect that the motivation of the staff could significantly be increased resulting in a better communication and information among the workforce.