Metal shower hoses

UNISAN metal shower hoses have been developed for the daily use in shower- sets and systems. They are extremely strong and durable and meet all approvals for drinking water valid throughout the word.

The hoses can either be produced with brass or stainless steel sleeves. The hoses are available in all possible colours, and are powder- or PVD-coated. Please ask for more details. The metal shower hoses are deliverable in all lengths, current diameters and connections.

PVD coating:
The PVD coating was developed in the machine tool industry for achieving hard surfaces.

PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition i. e. physical settling in the vapour phase – a way which is gaining more and more importance in the area of decoration, for example with watches, optical frames, sanitary faucets, fittings etc.

By using different metals like TiN, TiCN, TiAIN, different colours can be achieved.
Whether you want a shining gold or a satin black surface we can supply a matching hose.

“Aggraf” metal shower hose:
This hose type is developed with a double coiled s-type profile = Double Interlock. This technique improves the pull strength immensely. This hose is used when a high pull strength is required. Min. pull strength ≥ 900 N.

 “Lyflex” metal shower hose:
This hose type is developed with a single coiled overlapping profile = single lock. Min. pull strength ≥ 500 N.

Metal Hose with PVC-jacket:
All metal hoses are available with a plastic jacket, in order to meet the specifications of various hose applications in respect to design and technical requirements.