In a typical domestic home, KOTT-SMART® A saves 440 kWh as well as 8 500 liters of drinking-/wastewater per year. This has been scientifically proven in a study of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Therefore KOTT-SMART® A makes an important contribution to protect our environment.

KOTT-SMART® A is an innovative design component and fits perfectly between a shower hose and a shower head. The installation is performed in three simple steps and there is no need for any tools. The device is a self-powered water meter, so a battery is not required. The measurement and the display are powered by a generator that generates energy in an environmentally friendly way from the water flow. It captures water- and energy consumption, temperature and flow rate of each water shower.

Optionally available with Bluetooth® SMART wireless connection as well as with many other established standards.

KOTT-SMART® A comes with the required set of shower hoses, which are available in our Kottmann product portfolio.

When developing the KOTT-SMART® products, we collaborate closely with the Swiss company Amphiro AG – a spinoff of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), with headquarters in Zurich. Through this collaboration, we guarantee the integration of the most recent technological developments in the field of Energy Harvesting and Low Power Electronics.