Ceiling applications/Diffusion-resistant hoses KOTT-CLIMA®

Kottmann has managed to apply the advantages of the KOTT-GLIDE® sanitary supply hoses also to the area of ceiling applications.

In falling back on the proven design of our applied corrugated tube, we developed a new material recipe - which is now extruded as a homogeneous and flexible tube in a multiple layer process. As a matter of fact, KOTT-CLIMA® meets the applicable standard, DIN 4726, and keeps well below the maximum oxygen supply of 0,10g/m3/dy.

KOTT-CLIMA® may be combined with various kinds of braiding and fittings and it can be customized to meet various applications and requirements. For raw materials, such as brass and PVC, Kottmann offers remarkably easy push-in fittings. Other individual connecting techniques according to the customer’s requirements are also feasible.

KOTT-CLIMA® is a patented system under the German register no. DE 10 2008 039 991 B2, European register no. EP 159 465 A3, United States Patent US 7,849,884 B2