The KOTT-SMART® E is a Smart-Home actuator featuring the following core functions: Electromagnetic valve (on/off), measurement of consumption (volume measurement, temperature measurement), pressure measurement. This enables many cases of use for improving comfort, reducing consumption and increasing safety thanks to Secure Stop leakage protection.

KOTT-SMART® E makes your life a lot more comfortable, helps you with energy saving and offers you security:

  • Leakage protection: The KOTT-SMART® E features a Secure Stop. The water supply is interrupted in the event of a leakage and the user is informed. With the Smart-Home control facility, the water supply can be automatically switched off on exiting the house; appliances will continue to be supplied with water only where necessary (washing program).
  • Reduction of consumption: The integrated sensor technology offers the user an instant water and energy consumption check, which cuts down costs while also making a valuable contribution to the conservation of natural resources. •Automatic operation: In combination with an infrared sensor or with a scanner, an existing sanitary fitting is converted into an automatic one. This helps children and the elderly with safer usage, and it saves up to 80% of the water.
  • Hygiene: In order to guarantee that drinking water is always hygienic and to minimize the Legionella risk, periods where no water is dispensed can be measured and the resulting recommendations for hygiene rinsing can then be made.
  • Added value for water-supply products: KOTT-SMART® E makes your existing product (water dispensers, water filters, pumps, sanitary fittings, etc. Smart-Home capable and it generates added value for producers and end customers. It can provide data on cleaning cycles, and consumption reports, it can pro-actively suggest maintenance sessions, etc.

The module can be adapted to fit existing installations or combined with new products as required. It is available with all current wireless standards (Bluetooth LE / Apple HomeKit, ZigBee, Z-Wave and enOcean, KNX / KNX-RF).

The low-power electronics are supplied with electricity that is produced by the built-in generator by means of water pressure and then stored in the battery. There is an additional charging option with USB cable.