Flexible hose lines for building services engineering

UNISAN provides customized systems of innovative and flexible hose lines for applications in building services engineering

In applications where flexible hose systems for cooling and heating are required, as well as systems which integrate drinking water, the UNISAN program offers the most suitable products.

Hoses having an inner tube in KOTT-GLIDE® pressing technology provide a significant increase in performance in comparison to the customary PEX- or silicone-hoses. They are characterized by their excellent flexibility, and at the same time by their highly kink-resistant properties.
Regardless of the application they are specified for, whether used as supply hoses for sanitary fittings or as kitchen pull-out hoses, inner hose liners with the KOTTGLIDE® pressing technology offer benefits in ease of installation and long term hose performance.
Nearly all common national and international approvals of the drinking water hygiene guidelines are available for the inner hoses in KOTT-GLIDE® pressing technology. Approvals, such as KTWA and W270, but also the international customary approvals according to NSF61, WRAS, KIWA, ACS, ETA and NF, apply to these strict physiological hygiene guidelines.
You know that you are making the right decision - and that you’ll be on the driver’s seat when using the KOTT-GLIDE® pressing technology.