History of the UNISAN Schlauchsysteme GmbH

UNISAN (formerly Kottmann Technology GmbH) is a worldwide acting producing company in Germany in the field of the sanitary and house appliance industry. Already since more than 50 years the Iserlohn firm produces hoses, hose-connectors and sanitary appliances. The production of these products is based on complex operational processes and through to the present day, UNISAN benefits from these many years of experience when developing new products.

In 1958 Kottmann was founded by Willy Kottmann. 14 years later, in 1972, it is sold to the Gosla brothers and the company name is “Willy Kottmann, Gebrüder Gosla GmbH”. The Gosla brothers show themselves responsible for the foundation of a new production plant in Iserlohn in 2000 and two years later for the global expansion to Xinhui in Canton (China). During this period of building up additional locations, also Kottmann’s Technical Center is build up close to the headquarters at Iserlohn. In the technical center Kottmann engineers enlarge the product variety of Kottmann by developing a polyester-braided kitchen hose, different non-twistable connection systems and many other product innovations. On its expansion course the Kottmann Gosla GmbH takes over the Scheffer Brauseschläuche GmbH at the production place Sundern and thereby intensively enters the market of surface finishing.

With the prospect of further global expansion, in 2007 another production site is set up in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and the Kottmann Bulgaria EOOD is founded. Owing to the strong growth of business already in 2010 this subsidiary is more than doubled with respect to production.

In 2008 the Gosla family sells the family-owned company. Under the leadership of the major investor, “Kapitalpartner Mittelstand”, the enterprise is taken over at 100%. On this occasion, also the Kottmann Scheffer GmbH is melted with the Kottmann Gosla GmbH. The new owners promote the company’s development and continue to pursue this course. In 2009, the Kottmann Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong as well as a further subsidiary of the Kottmann Gosla GmbH in Jiangmen, China, are founded.

In order to target and serve to supply more market segments, Kottmann develops new products in the area of building engineering technology for the first time. These products are based upon a proven, patented technology, which is first exhibited at the ISH 2011 in Frankfurt. In February 2011, Kottmann creates a new corporate identity and renames the company from „Kottmann Gosla GmbH“ into „Kottmann GmbH“.

Due to the financial crisis in 2010/2011 and the loss of traditional business with some major customers in 2010/2011, in the second half of the year 2011, Kottmann decides to take restructuring measures. Fortunately, in December 2011, Kottmann finds an investor. The Volturnus Invest GmbH takes over the Kottmann GmbH at 100%. Since January 1, 2012 the company is acting under new flag as “Kottmann Technology GmbH”. Encouraged by its many years of experience, one of the most important objectives of the Kottmann Technology GmbH, is to expand the quality- and innovation leadership in the field of water-bearing hose systems and to enter new markets.

The overall focus of Kottmann’s development since 2012 is the entrepreneurial establishment of transparent and efficient processes. As an example, this is reflected by the relocation of the electroplating division at the Iserlohn Headquarters, completed in the beginning of 2014, due to which significant optimizations in the entire production cycle could be achieved. True to its guiding principle of “German Quality”, Kottmann Technology constantly increases its position of quality- and innovation-leadership. Caused by innovative developments in the division “Research and Development”, Kottmann continuously penetrates various segments of new markets for water bearing hose systems.


2018 Kottmann Technology GmbH was sold to UNIWELL Holding GmbH and consequently renamed to UNISAN Schlauchsysteme GmbH.